Procure Direct design and manufacture all our LED lighting units ourself in our own factory. This means we have total control over all aspects of the procurement of materials to the assembly of the actual LED light fitting. Due to this, we are able to offer a very diverse and bespoke range of LED lighting solutions. We can design and build a light fitting that works for the client and not just supply an LED light fitting. This means we are able to hit paybacks that are far lower than our compitition. From time to time we will supply very special LED units that work in situations that regular LED will not, such as hot and cold areas and locations with high vandalisim.
Our client base is vast and wide reaching and compiles of public sector and private organisations. We have an LED solution for every situation. Just because it is not shown on our website does not mean we cannot help. If you have a need for LED we have a solution!

A school we fitted LED into a few years back recently came top in the SCoRE Programme run by Lincolnshire County Council. Below are a few lines from their Head Teacher Ben Stephenson at Marton Primary School about the LED lighting we supplied to them:

"We have completed the SCoRE programme and after analysing the electricity usage at our school during Spring Term, Lincolnshire County Council found that we had made a 50% reduction in our consumption!

This is the highest reduction and energy saving across all Lincolnshire Schools." (please note that this is total energy reduction, in fact they had a reduction in electrical lighting costs of around 70%)

After a client has had a lighting survey completed we not only provide a quotation but we also supply you with a free of charge LED lighting calculation that shows what you are currently spending on electrical lighting costs and what this would then be after we install our LED lighting solution. We are also able to supply LUX plots that backup our solution.

We are pioneering the way in new LED technologies. We have recently carried a complete lighting refit in one of Lincoln's largest comprehensive schools "William Farr C of E Comprehensive". We installed the very latest technology and were able to replace an old fitting that used 120 watts with a new LED solution that used just 27 watts. Please visit the new Case study for William Farr School for more information and pictures of before and after our LED were installed.

Our LED lighting is by far some of the most energy saving brightest and most economically priced available in the UK. We know this as we spend a small fortune testing as many of our competitors LED lighting is as possible. When we find something that is better than what we sell, we go back to our factory and discuss improvements with the R&D team. This rarely is the case, as we tend to lead where others follow! Due to our regular trips visiting our factory and carrying out our own quality inspections of both materials, stock and welfare of staff we are able to make sure we offer the best products made to the best possible standards. Having said this we never just take our factories word that ours is the best, we independently get our bulbs tested for specification.