Procure Direct are very pleased to announce that they are working in partnership with a leading supplier of LED units designed just for the poultry market place. When we talk about LED we mean the actual diode that produces the light, we are not talking about the complete light fitting. Our supplier of poultry LED has carried out months and months of research into poultry and more importantly the requirement of poultry and the effects of LED light on the growing crop. This has resulted in not only huge amounts of data, but also masses of LED that have been tried and tested.

The LED we are using and offering are what we believe to be the best available. Due to the nature of this product we will not be displaying much specification about the LED we use, we will however give you enough data and specification to know we not only know what we are talking about, but also what we are selling.

We currently offer the LED in 2 formats, these are an E27 retro waterproof dimmable lamp and a dimmable T8 high power wide angle tube (these can be supplied in anti-corrosive fittings if required)

The E27 lamp is supplied in a secure water tight, dust proof housing, with a lens designed to evenly distribute the light around the shed. We also supply a range of hoods to go on top of the bulb to create the correct angle of light based on the height of the fittings. The LED is driven by a specially designed IC to control the frequency and flicker ratio of the LED to create an accepted light level to the birds. The E27 poultry LED lamp uses a total of 10 watts and produces 950 lumen at 360 degree angle. The hoods we supply can be used to direct the light as mentioned above.

The dimmable T8 LED tube we supply, uses the same high power LED with the same IC as the E27 bulb, the only difference being the connections, one is a E27 screw in, the other is a T8 tube. The angles, light levels and results are the same as with the E27 lamp. As mentioned we can supply the anti corrosive fittings to put these LED tubes in, that have been fitted with lens to work in conjunction with the LED.
Power Consumption
LED Type
140pcs 3014
Luminous Flux
D: 58mm H: 160mm
Colour Temperature
WW: 2700~3300K NW: 3900~4600K
PW: 4900~5800K CW:6000~7200K
Lamp Base
Housing Material
Light Efficiency
≥ 85%
Input Voltage
Power Factor
Beam Angle
Colour Rendering Index
≥ 72Ra
Operating Temperature
Body Temperature
≤ 65°C (at room temperature 25°C)
Storage Temperature
≤ 90%
> 50,000hrs
Product Features
cULus (E352810) approval.
Supplied with an integrated driver, and available in either E27 or B22 base cap this special poultry lamp can work with standard dimmers and still produce a smooth dimming effect. With the aluminium PCB board inside together with state of the art heat-sink panel outside, this lamp has a far greater cooling effect, which is required in UK poultry houses. A transparent lens with ribbed effect produces a, even spread of soft light on the poultry house floor. With a near perfect light efficiency of 85lm/w this energy saving LED lamp will be the perfect solution to any Poultry farm.
Photo showing original fittings
Photo taken after LED install