Our Microwave Motion Sensor is an innovative and active motion detector with HF system 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-thin meterials.

In some situations it is preferable to have a whole corridor of lights come on at the same time rather than individual lights. With our cluster control microwave sensors we are able to connect multiple light fittings so that as one light is activated the rest are also activated at the same time.

•Cluster control ability
• Built-in daylight sensor
• 1-10V interface can be linked to our daylight sensor and achieve daylight harvesting
• Compact size
• Detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switch
• Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter

Lamps in corridor are controlled by seveal sensors. Once motion is detected by one of the sensors, the motion signal will be transmitted to other sensors connected together. Then, all lamps switch on at the same time, instead of switching on the lamps in the area where motion is detected.

1. No motion detected, all lamps switch off

2. Any movement is detected from any direction, all lamps simultaneously switch on

3. No motion is detected in detection area, all lamps simultaneously dim to a low light level after hold time

4. After stand-by period, the lamps switch off if no movement is detected in the detection zone

There are several lamps (containing the sensor) in the car park, any sensor is triggered by motion, all lamps in the same channel will light up.

The lamps remain on at a low light level when no motion is detected If any motion is detected in any direction, the lamps brighten to full light After hold time, the lamps dim to the low light level when no movement detected

Wall mounting pattern (Unit: m)
Suggested installation height: 1-1.8m
Ceiling mountin pattern (Unit: m)
Suggested installtion height: 2.5-10m

Operating Voltage 220~240Vac, 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Load 800W (inductive), 1200W (resistive)
HF System 5.8GHz±75MHz, ISM wave band
Transmitting Power <0.5mW
Power Consumption ≤0.5W (standby), <1W (operation)
Detection Zone Max.(DxH): 16m x 10m
Detection Sensitivity 10% / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Hold Time 10x / 30s / 90s / 3min / 20min / 30min
Daylight Sensor 5lux / 10lux / 30lux / 50lux / Disable
Standby Period 5s / 5min / 10min / 30min / 1hr / Disable
Standby Dimming Level 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%
Mounting Height 10m Max.
Motion Detection 0.5~3m/s
Detection Angle 150° (wall installation)
360° (ceiling installation)
Operating Temperature -35°C~70°C
IP Rating IP20

By selecting the combination on the DIP switch, sensor data can be precisely set for each specific application.

  1 2 3  
Detection Area
Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to fit precisely each application
  1 2 3  
Hold Time
Refers to the time period the lamp remains at 100% illumination after no motion detected.
  1 3 2  
Standby Period
Refers to the time period the lamp remains at a low light level before it completely switches off in the long absence of people. When set to Disable mode, the low light maintained until motion is detected.
  1 3 2  
Standby Dimming Level
The low light level you would like to have after the hold time in the long absence of people.
  1 3 2  
Daylight Sensor
The sensor can be set to only allow the lamp to illuminate below a defined ambient brightness threshold. When set to Disable mode, the daylight sensor will switch on the lamp when motion is detected regardless of ambient light level. 50lux, 30lux: twilight operation, 10lux, 5lux: darkess operation only.

Note that daylight sensor is active only when lamp totally switches off.