We were asked to look at all areas of the comprehensive school, with the aim of reducing energy consumption, improving light levels and also installing correct levels of emergency fittings.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Payback in line with Salix Compliance
• No disruption to day-to-day running of the school
• Installation required during normal working school days
After a number of site visits during different times of the day and evening it was decided that the best solution and greatest way to improve light levels and save energy was to remove all current fittings and replace with our new in-house design of LED Grill Panel in all classrooms and corridors, and all sports halls were to have retro and standard LED T8 tubes. We also removed and replaced all 2D light fittings and replaced with LED fittings with built in microwave sensors within stairways and WC.

In WC’s we used our New Intelligent Sensor lights to replace the existing 2D fittings. These maximise efficiency by only using the power needed to boost ambient light levels, or to illuminate when occupancy is detected. The improvement in light quality was significant.

We carried out the installation during normal school working hours, weekends, night shifts and term time holidays. We worked with the school and around the schools requirement to fit in with the school. This resulted in a fast installation and little impact on the day to day running of the school.
Annual energy savings: £30,000
Annual maintenance savings £5,000
Payback period: 3.8 years
Total savings over 10 year lifespan: £300,000

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The graph above shows the actual live energy usage of the school comparing January to December 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Our LED lights were installed in Mid January 2014 and the drop in total energy can be seen very clearly in green. This represents a total electrical energy saving of over 50% and what equates to around a drop of over 70% of electrical lighting costs.

This graph “proves” that the quoted energy savings (prior to installation) suggested by Procure Direct are true and accurate and in fact exceeded expectations.
This data is genuine monitored energy usage provided to us by Lincolnshire County Council.

kWh Before Installation
kWh After Installation