Reduce electrical lighting energy costs in the most costs effective way possible

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Minimal disruption of day-to-day running of the office
As Westleigh Developments were a previous customer we had already replaced all GU10 50 watt lamps with 2.3 watt LED retro replacements. Therefore we re-worked the T8 600 x 600 Modules and inserted our T8 high power low energy LED tubes. As the office had a large amount of natural daylight and large windows we were able to remove 4 T8 2ft tubes and replace with just 2 T8 LED tubes. This made a massive difference in the payback period and energy usage and savings.

The installation took just 7 days and was completed during early starts and late finished with nodisruption to activities.
Annual energy savings: £3,024
Annual maintenance savings £1,000
Payback period: 2.5 years
Annual CO2 savings: 18 tonnes
Total savings over 15 year lifespan: £45,360