We were tasked with reducing the council’s carbon footprint and also electrical lighting costs in the most efficient way possible using lighting solutions.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Reduction of carbon foot print
• Payback of 3 years or less
• No disruption to day-to-day running of the busy office
It was decided that we would re-work all current T8 600 x 600 fluorescent modules and replace with high power, low energy LED tubes. As the current fittings and end caps were of a decent quality we were able to leave these in place. This saved a huge amount of expense and kept labour time and disruption to a minimal. However as this was a working office we had to complete the installation during early morning shifts and late nights.

In all other areas it was decided that it would not be cost effective at the time to remove or replace other fittings. This will be looked at again in the near future.
Annual energy savings: £6,198
Annual maintenance savings £1,000
Payback period: 2.4 years
Annual CO2 savings: 37 tonnes
Total savings over 15 year lifespan: £92,970