We were asked to look at reducing energy consumption and improving the warehouse light levels, while having a fast payback period and also to look at the office taking place onsite we had to split the project into phases.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Payback of less than 2 years
• No disruption to day to day operations of the workforce and machinery
Firstly in phase 1 we installed our 27 watt LED Grill Panels into all office locations. This improved the light levels in the office and took away the need for costly repairs over difficult to reach areas that had previously been an issue. We also completed the installation of one warehouse with our 150 watt SMD LED Low Bay lights fitted with Microwave sensors. We then returned to site some time later to complete phase 2 of the remaining warehouse.
Annual energy savings: £8,895
Annual maintenance savings: £1,762
Estimated sensor savings: £2,816
Payback period: 1.8 years
Total savings over 15 year lifespan: £134,730