After a long trial and test situation we were requested to provide an LED solution that required not only energy reduction but also light level improvements in many areas. Some of these areas were difficult to reach, key working areas with 24-hour operations. This would mean we would have to work to tight deadlines during down times for cleaning and maintenance. We were also asked to complete a total rewire of a warehouse/production plant. The main drive however was to reduce the energy consumption throughout the site, including external floodlights, warehouses, productions areas and roadways.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Payback of less than 2 years
• No disruption to day to day operations of the workforce and machinery
• Re-wire of a large warehouse/production area
To enable maximum savings for the client we installed sensors into each and every one of out light fittings. This would enable only lights that were needed to be on would be active and those that were not needed stayed off. As well as using advanced microwave sensors we combined lux sensors as well. This meant that as we carried out testing of times, lux levels and range during our trials we were able to work out optimal sensor requirements, which enabled us to test all light fittings before they arrived and therefore made for a quick and easy installation.

In a number of locations we needed to improve light levels to bring them up to safe requirements, this meant that we had to use more powerful LED units in these locations. We also carried out a complete refit of a large warehouse. We carried out the installation during night shifts, weekends and during shutdowns for the client. This meant that minimal disruption was caused to the client and they had NO down time during our installation

Annual energy savings: £65,580
Annual maintenance savings £18,000
Payback period: 2 years
Total savings over 10 year lifespan: £835,800
Would like to thank you and your installation team for a job well done, considering the size of the installation the project went very smoothly. We have had nothing but positive feedback from personnel on site about the new fittings and the lighting levels. Our metering shows we are making the savings claimed and we look forward to working with you on further projects.

Andrew Burms