The sustainability Team, within Lincolnshire County Council, have been working with Procure Direct for the past 4 years and in that time they have proved to be at the leading edge of LED technology often well ahead of larger lighting companies.

Procure Direct have worked with the team in helping showcase the energy and carbon saving along with the benefits of LED lighting to schools. This work has led to a growing realisation within schools to the benefits and has recently led to them being awarded significant LED lighting projects.

Procure Direct have installed LED Lighting at numerous schools all of whom have been impressed not only with the lighting but the professionalism and patience of the company. This has been amply demonstrated in their work at William Farr School where Procure Direct are upgrading the entire Secondary School lighting to LED including the fittings. The project value was $145,535 and this was the largest lighting contact that has been awarded by the Sustainability Team to date.

Procure Direct were also awarded, and have completed, a total re-lighting to LED of one of Lincoln’s most prestigious Museums, The Museum of Lincolnshire Life. This was not only significant financially but included re-lamping all of the museums numerous lamp types to LED in a museum that is listed and English Heritage would not allow any new holes to be drilled into any surfaces.

The Museum staff were extremely happy with the lighting, which has totally reinvigorated the displays, and in the short time is has been finished visitor numbers have increased.

On the back of the Museum lighting upgrade Procure Direct were awarded the contract to upgrade the lighting to Lincoln’s Central Library.

To date we have had no issues with either the workmanship of installations or equipment and as stated above Procure Direct are by far the most professional, obliging and innovating contractor that we work with.

I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Procure Direct as a company that are at a leading edge of LED technology as well as a company that value good relationships with customers.

Steve Golightly MBE
Senior Sustainability Officer
Lincolnshire County Council