We were asked to look at all areas of the Denby Transport premises, this included a number of warehouses, workshops and offices and external lighting and advise on what could be done to improve the light levels firstly and secondly save energy and replace old fittings.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Fastest possible payback
• Any possible grants
After first carrying out a trial installation to show the client what we could achieve in a small part of a workshop and warehouse they decided to proceed with a total roll out of our LED lighting throughout the business.

In the workshop and warehouse locations we used our LED Low Bay lights, these use just 150 watts each and replaced old units that used 400 watts each. We also used a combination of our LED fittings and retro tubes in the workshop pit and stores locations. Externally we used our 100 watt high power LED Flood lights to replace the old mixed range of 250, 400 and 500 watt units.

We carried out the installation during a combination of early starts and late finishes during the week and weekends. This enabled for a fast installation with minimal disruption to the client.

We were able to obtain a grant for this client that saved them an extra 28% of the capital costs. This helped to drastically reduce the payback period as the grant was totally 100% free.
Annual energy savings: £4,406
Annual maintenance savings £2,810
Payback period: 2.4 years
Total savings over 10 year lifespan: £44,060

Including the capital grant of 28% the payback period was reduced to just 1.4 years