We were asked to look at all areas of the library with most effort on reducing energy consumption and where possible improve light levels.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Fast payback
• No disruption to day-to-day running of the Library
After a number of site visits during different times of the day and evening it was decided that the best solution and greatest way to improve light levels and save energy was to remove all current fittings and replace with our new in-house design of LED Grill Panel and LED Baton fittings in all locations.

However the biggest consumption of energy was within the lightwell area. This was lit with 20 decorative 400 watt light fittings hanging from the ceiling and a further 20 smaller 200 watt decorative fittings on the walls. We were able to design and build bespoke LED light units to fit into the light fittings. This enabled the client to keep the beautiful fittings but update the lighting and save energy. In the end we replaced the lights with 54 watt LED units in the ceiling lights and 23 watt units on the walls. This made for a considerable saving, but also improved the light levels drastically.

Installation took place very early in the morning before the public came into the library. During the day we worked in the office areas and then in the evening s we went back down to work in the public areas. We also worked weekends as well when we were allowed.
Annual energy savings: £10,831
Annual maintenance savings £5,288
Payback period: 2.4 years
Total savings over 10 year lifespan: £161,119