A.M.P Rose had a requirement for supply only of LED lighting as they had their own onsite electricians. Their requirement from us was light level improvements and energy reductions where possible. They had a number of recently purchased light fittings that they wanted to keep and therefore reduce waste.

Key Targets:
• Reduction of energy usage
• Improvement of light quality
• Fast payback period
• Use existing fittings where possible
To enable maximum savings for the client we supplied a range of retro replacement high and low bay lamps in phase one. Due to the success of this phase they then proceeded with phase 2, which was the supply of a large number of LED Low Bay light fittings some with bespoke emergency battery backup, but all with microwave sensors. Having the sensors enabled for maximum energy savings as lights were only powered on when needed and workforce present.
Annual energy savings: £16,700
Annual maintenance savings £3,000
Payback period: 2 years
Total savings over 15 year lifespan: £167,000
Procure Direct have supplied us with LED lighting for 6000 m2 of factory space which was previously lit with metal halide lights. They could not be beaten on price and the quality of the products and service has been exceptional. We have reduced our energy consumption on lighting by about 75%, which means the savings will pay for the lights in about two years. Thank You, Procure Direct.