Procure Direct Ltd was established in 2005 with the aim to bring globally sourced products to the UK and European markets. We have continued to grow year on year increasing our presence and reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. Where we differ from many is that we do not base our products ranges on spam emails, random suppliers using trading websites to advertise their wares, no we actually put in the ground work and travel, meet with suppliers, factories and agents. This means we not only get to see the products being made and assembled, but we can be sure we are dealing at source and get the very best there is. Not only this but we also carry out our own factory inspections and QA.

We have seen what happens when an importer buys products from someone they do not know, a factory they have not visited... they get low grade product, seconds, old designs with mixed quality. Every consignment that is delivered can be different, there is no uniformity and quality control. This is where we are different.

We work very close with our manufacturer and visit them many times to inspect quality and progress on new items. We strive to keep up with technology, trends and fashions. This means that all our security systems and LED lighting are of the latest design and full of features.

In early 2012 during one of our regular factory visits, it was finalised that Procure Direct Ltd would become the UK division of the Shanghai factory. This amazing news has had a massive impact on our trading ability – We now not only carry more stock but now have an unlimited ability to obtain as much stock as required. We have also been able to expand our ranges and now offer a much larger range of LED and energy saving halogen lights than ever before.